Our Story.

The year was 2006. As Heather entered her freshman year at Berkeley, she caught the eye of

Jordan, a second year, at a party during welcome week. Throughout college, Heather and Jordan

would travel in similar social circles and remain very much in the “friend zone.” Jordan would

proceed to “play it cool” for the next ten years.

Post-graduation, Jordan moved to Los Angeles, while Heather lived in Berkeley, Philadelphia

and Sacramento for much of the next ten years. When in the same city, they would often reconnect

through a mutual group of friends.

On Memorial Day weekend 2016, Heather invited Jordan to a birthday BBQ up in Westlake. Seizing

on his moment, Jordan made his move. Heather was oblivious. Thankfully, Vicki (Heather’s mom)

and Nikki (Heather’s sister), seeded the idea that Jordan was a potential match for Heather. Heather

and Jordan would next reconnect at a wedding in LA in the fall, where Jordan would dazzle Heather

with his signature dance moves (or at least with his confidence).

Finally, in December 2016, Heather and Jordan went on their first date at Lukshon in Culver City.

Ten years in the making, the timing was finally right. At dinner, Heather would fall for Jordan. Just

over a year later, they would return to the same spot, where Jordan would propose.

Photography by Adam Ottke

Thanks to Adam Ottke for capturing our special moment.